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Don’t Expect Smokable Medical Marijuana Right Away

The battle is over, the smoke has cleared on giving patients permission to light up and inhale their medicinal herb, but that doesn’t mean you can rush to your neighborhood dispensary and grab some ganja any time soon.

Assuming Gov. Ron DeSantis does as he’s indicated he would and signs SB 182 into law, lifting a state ban on smoking medical marijuana, it could take weeks or even months before rules are promulgated to make smokable medical marijuana available at state-approved dispensaries.

The Department of Health has a reputation for moving at a glacial pace when it comes to issuing rules. Some industry officials, however, said the green-light to sell smokable marijuana will happen sooner than later.

“We anticipate an expedited process from the Governor and the Department of Health as it relates to the approval of smokable, whole-flower cannabis,” said Kim Rivers, CEO of Trulieve, the state’s largest licensed medical marijuana grower and distributor.

“The Governor has been clear in his desire to implement the will of the people by bringing smokable cannabis as an option for patients in Florida, and Trulieve stands ready to provide high-quality, safe flower to market as soon as the Department allows.”

Patients still will need to get a recommendation from their physician before they can buy smokable marijuana from their local dispensaries. The Legislature passed the bill Wednesday and sent it to the governor for his signature. The next day DeSantis praised lawmakersfor their hard work to meet the deadline he set for them to resolve the issue.

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