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Protecting Your Stomach from Norovirus

When you’ve ever gotten sick from consuming something “dangerous,” you’ll have had an encounter with norovirus. Typically referred to as a “stomach bug” or “stomach flu” — although it’s not associated to the flu — norovirus is the main trigger of foodborne sickness in the USA, inflicting between 19 million and 21 million instances of infectious vomiting and diarrhea annually. Norovirus can affect anybody, anyplace. Earlier this month, for instance, a cruise journey was reduced brief after 475 passengers turned in poor health with the infection, which unfolds extra just because of the confines of the ship.

Norovirus can be transmitted by any form of contact that causes the virus to enter the mouth. You may decide it up instantly from contact with one other particular person, by touching a contaminated surface after which touching your mouth or by consuming contaminated meals or water. It’s ceaselessly present in locations the place there are lots of people, and the most frequent sites for outbreaks to happen are well-being care services, eating areas and faculties or daycare facilities. Cruise ships account for under 1 p.c of widespread outbreaks.

In the event, you suppose you have got signs of a doable an infection, relaxation and drink loads of fluids. Antibiotics can’t assist as a result of the disease is viral — medicines solely work on bacterial infections. Most significantly, keep away from contact with different folks and ensure to wash your hands thoroughly.

Additionally, clear any soiled garments, ensuring to deal with dirty gadgets with care. Don’t put together meals for others and disinfect any contaminated surfaces with bleach. You’re contagious from the second you begin feeling sick to the primary few days after you get better. In case you suspect an outbreak in your neighborhood, you must also contact your state or local health division.

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