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Technology Will Pivot the Future Potential of VR for Cancer Research

The team, composed of CSIRO Australia, the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, the Children’s Cancer Institute and Start VR, is using VR to create 3D models that visually represent what’s happening within cancerous tumors on a molecular level.
Sony Foundation and Tour de Cure have provided $240,000 in funding. The research involves genomic sequencing (the information encoded in cancer’s DNA), giving researchers more detailed insights into the molecular mechanisms of particular cancer.
The project draws on Aquaria, a web-based protein visualization tool that was jointly developed by the Garvan Institute and CSIRO. Aquaria provides details of millions of proteins and allows these models to be assembled into dynamic representations for interactive exploration.
“The Garvan Institute will be drawing on our online resource, Aquaria. Software development will be driven by Garvan’s BioVis team, in collaboration with CSIRO’s Immersive Environments Lab,” the Garvan Institute of Medical Research Project Leader Seán O’Donoghue told HITNA.
“Planning, testing, and validation of the developed system will be completed with researchers from Garvan’s Cancer Division and UNSW’s Children’s Cancer Institute. Deployment of the platform for use in VR environments will be completed by Start VR.”
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